Skype, Email or Phone Lessons or Consultations 

If you are outside of our service area or unable to book an in-person lesson with us, we also offer lessons via Skype or over the phone. You will receive all the same attention and information as an in-person lesson, as well as exercises and homework.

A lot of behavior problems can be diagnosed over the phone by having you accurately (to the best of your ability) describe the situations. We know how to, and will, ask the right questions to get a full picture of what is happening with your dog. Most behavior problems present in a similar way, so you don't have to worry that we need to SEE the behavior to know what is happening - we generally know what is happening based on how you describe it. 

We have done consultations for students in Australia, England, Ireland, and even Russia! 

Becky also offers nutrition consults to go over your dog's diet and offer solutions for a better diet, or to make sure what you are feeding is balanced. 

$100/hr or $50 for 30 min 

In-home Training 

One-on-one training is ideal to work on any behaviors you want your dog to learn, from basic manners to specific issues. If you are needing behavior modification for any leash reactivity or aggression issues, we can also help with that. 

We typically start the first lesson in the home, where your dog is most comfortable. Depending on what we are working on, we might schedule later lessons to take place outside the home. 

Training is not just for "problem" dogs, it is a necessary part of dog ownership and helps your dog to have a happy, balanced life with clear expectations. 

$135/hr initial lesson, $100 subsequent lessons 

$10 travel fee for outside San Luis Obispo. We only go as far as Paso or Nipomo

**Not taking new clients at this time**


  • 5 lessons for $25 off

Private Lessons

Puppy Packages

Start your puppy off on the right foot (and save yourself from any future problems as your dog matures)! Our puppy packages are customized for every puppy and family. 

However, with every puppy we will cover the basics that all dogs should learn, including time sensitive behaviors that should be addressed first in puppyhood, such as potty training, chewing, mouthing, jumping, and socialization. 

We also will cover nutrition, enrichment, exercise, crating, a good routine, and more. 

$10 travel fee for outside San Luis Obispo, we only go as far as Paso or Nipomo


  • 5 lessons for $25 off
  • 10 lessons for $135 off (10th lesson free!)