We can deliver a variety of seminars, or can modify an existing seminar for your club or conference's needs. Common seminar topics include Introduction to Nutrition, Building Confidence for All Dogs, Canine Body Language, Preparing for a New Dog, Helping your Canine get Along with your Baby, Nose Work, and more. 

Skype or Phone Lessons

If you are outside of our service area or unable to book an in-person lesson with us, we also offer lessons via Skype or over the phone. You will receive all the same attention and information as an in-person lesson, as well as exercises and homework.

Becky also offers nutrition consults to go over your dog's diet and offer solutions for a better diet, or to make sure what you are feeding is balanced. 

$80/hr or $40 for 30 min 

We currently offer a variety of different services, including private, in-home training and classes. 

​Click here for more information on Obedience or Nose Work classes. 

For information on in-home lessons, go to the Private Lessons page. 

Referral Program

Referrals help us so much and we want to show our thanks and appreciation! 

For every person you refer to us that signs up and completes a service, we'll give you a $5 gift card or discount on your next service in return. 

Dogs, Kids, and Babies

Have you just added a new member to the family or are you planning to in the future? We offer specialized training to help your dog become more comfortable with new babies or toddlers who have just started walking. In this scenario, being proactive is always the best choice.

Preparing your dog for the new arrival ahead of time can save you a lot of time, energy, and grief. We also can help teach kids how to act appropriately around dogs, whether their own or unfamiliar ones. 

 Canine Services