Utility Class

So, you've taken training classes, done lessons, and your dog is 75% there except for a few nagging behaviors. This class is for you! The Utility class is designed to help each student work on their individual problems. 

This class is structured to address those lingering issues that you need more help on. Each student in the class will help each other work on the problems.

For example, if your dog jumps and you need more practice with strangers approaching and not petting your dog, then we'll use the other students in the class to work on no jumping. Then we'll rotate to another student and everyone will help to work on their reactivity issue, etc., until everyone has had practice on what they want. 

Classes are $90 for 3 weeks and run for 1 hour, located in Edna Valley in San Luis Obispo. 

Please contact for availability. 

Bark-a-holics Practice Group

This is a practice group for dogs who are reactive to other dogs while on-leash, or dogs who are aggressive either towards people or other dogs. Reactive and aggressive behaviors can be the result of a wide range of behavior issues. 

This class is for students that have already gone through some private lessons and have been working on the reactivity, but need more practice in real situations with other dogs. 

Classes are $75 for 3 weeks and run for 1 hour, located in Edna Valley in San Luis Obispo. 

Please contact for availability. 

Joyful Jumpers 

This specialty class is all about dogs that jump! Jumping for greeting people, jumping to say hello, jumping for joy!

We don’t want to stop their enthusiasm or break their spirit, we just want to teach them appropriate greetings instead, so that you can love your pet without getting bopped on the face or muddy paw prints on your legs. 

Workshop is $60 for 1 hour, located in Edna Valley in San Luis Obispo. 

Sunday September 22, 11:00 - 12:00  

Puppy Kindergarten 

This class is the first step in your puppy's training, designed to cover everything you and your puppy need, from playtime and socialization to basic commands and focus. We’ll also address the most common (and totally normal) puppy problems, such as jumping, mouthing, house training, and more. Nutrition, enrichment, and socialization outside the home are also covered in this class. 

For puppies under 4 months (occasionally up to 6 months depending on the dog’s temperament and play style). Puppies are welcome 1 week after their second set of shots. We prefer no Bordatella vaccine, but if your puppy did get it, you’ll need to wait 10 days before coming to class - no exceptions. This is because the vaccine sheds out the feces so most dogs get kennel cough from the poop of a recently vaccinated dog. Therefore if your puppy had it within 10 days and poops in class, it could make the other puppies sick. 

Because every puppy/breed matures at a different level and everyone will age out of puppy class at a different week, this is a drop-in class. This is great because your puppy will get to play with a variety of other breeds, sizes, and personalities. 
There is limit to how many puppies I can take, so you will need to let me know if you plan to come. 

Class is $25 for an hour each week. This class is unlike any others in the area and will be off-leash the entire time (please still bring a leash to walk your puppy in and out). 

No classes currently scheduled. 

Click here to pay for puppy class: Puppy Class Drop-In Payment

Basic Obedience 

It’s time for your dog to learn the basic commands that all dogs should know, from sit, down, and stay, to Leave It, come when called, focus, and more! 

We’ll also address some general dog problems you might be having, such as jumping, barking, chewing, or digging. This class is a must for every single dog; the commands you and your dog will learn here are the foundation for a happy and healthy life together. 

Classes are $150 for 5 weeks and run for 1 hour, located in Edna Valley in San Luis Obispo. For dogs 4 months onward. 

October 5 - November 2, 2019

10:45 - 11:45 AM

$150 for 5 weeks 

  • Leash
  • Whatever you currently walk your dog on. NOTE: Choke chains, prong collars, and flexi-leashes are not permitted in class. 
  • Plenty of smelly, HIGH value treats (hot dogs, cheese, liver, etc.) No dry/crunch biscuits or boring treats, unless otherwise specified on your class confirmation email. 
  • A good attitude! Be prepared to have some fun!

  • Water for yourself and your dog
  • A chair if you want to sit


This class is for dogs that bark at other dogs or people while out on leash, or fearfully in the home. In the trainer world we called this reactivity, and it can happen for a number of different reasons.

In this class you’ll learn about your dog’s behavior, how to prevent and manage it, and each week we’ll work on various training exercises addressing these behaviors.

NOTE: This class is not for dogs that bark in the home at the doorbell or people that knock. To address that behavior, give us a call and we can schedule a private lesson in the home. 

Classes are $150 for 6 weeks and run for 1 hour, located in Edna Valley in San Luis Obispo. 

Please contact for availability. 

Using treats and a lure to teach Sit. No physical manipulation, correction, shock, e-collar or
​training collar required. 

Obedience Classes

What to Bring to Class

Rapid Recallers 

When you call your dog, do you have a zooming doggie or a turtle walking through molasses? Chances are you have the turtle but want the zoomer!

This fun specialty class is all about working on building a rocket recall from your dog, from fun games to building focus around distractions. At the end of this class, we’ll have your dog racing toward you when you call. 

Workshop is $75 for for 90 hour, located in Edna Valley in San Luis Obispo. 

Sunday September 22, 9:00 - 10:30 am