Our Trainers

Becky Pesicka, CPDT-KA, CNWI

Becky has been training professionally since 2011. In that time she has garnered several training certifications and established herself as a reputable and skilled trainer. Having trained and temperament tested thousands of dogs, she is an expert in dog body language and behavior, making her the ideal trainer to work with your pet.

Her experience includes shelter work, private training, aggression, nutrition, and everything in between. In 2014 she re-established the agility program at the Pasadena Humane Society while writing the curriculum and training the staff. Becky has also trained with the founders of NACSW Nose Work and became a Certified Nose Work Instructor in 2015 (CNWI). 

From 2016 to 2018 Becky was the president of the Central Coast Nose Work Club (CCNC), and is still on the board of directors. She is also a CGC evaluator and certified in pet first aid & CPR. 

Becky believes that training should be fun, for both handler and dog, because research has shown that it's better for the dogs and facilitates faster learning. Positive methods, rewards, consistency, accurate timing, games, and defined rules are among her keys to success.

She currently competes in Nose Work with her dog Buck, who got his Elite title in May 2019.