Joyful Jumpers Workshop 

This one hour workshop is for your dog to learn to greet people without jumping! We'll go through the common mistakes we make that accidentally reward this behavior, and practice different options for your dog to do instead.  

Our Jumpers Workshop is One of a Kind! Truly! We have a whole group of friendly strangers that come to help so that you get continuous practice working with your dog with a variety of people. 

For dogs of any age 
Instructor: Becky Pesicka

No workshops scheduled at this time. 

One-day Recall Workshop

This one hour workshop will teach you the basics of a great recall (having your dog come when called), and give you the opportunity to practice and build up the behavior around distractions.

Learn the best way to reinforce recall, the most common mistakes pet owners make that derail training, and fun recall games to play. We will work your dogs in a new environment with all dogs on long lines (for safety for all involved), so you can get a lot of practice working with distance and distractions. 

For dogs of any age 
Instructor: Becky Pesicka

Sunday November 24, 2019 

10:00 am - 11:00 pm

AKC Scent Work Workshop -
Handler Discrimination (HD) and Buried Hides

Want to teach your dog to find YOU? Are you already started in Nose Work but interested in learning two of the AKC's newest elements - HD and Buried hides?

In this workshop we will cover all that and more. Handler Discrimination teaches your dog to find YOU out of all the other odors, a fun party trick and a great game to play with your dog. In the Buried hides portion, we will cover both water hides and the standard sand hides. 

$45 full hour, $25 for Handler Discrimination only
For dogs of any age. Must be on Birch odor for the Buried portion.  
Instructor: Becky Pesicka

No workshops scheduled at this time. 

Webinar - Heatstroke in Dogs: Prevention and Treatment

This FREE webinar could potentially save your dog's life! 

Heatstroke affects dogs everyday - not just pets neglected in the heat outside or left in hot cars, but all pets, even the most pampered!

In hot conditions, unsuspecting and uneducated pet owners often put their dogs at risk with the most routine, basic activities. 

After watching this webinar, you will be a better educated pet owner and know how to keep your pet safe, especially during the summer months. 

Registration link below:

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