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Some of Our Services

Well, we think it should be FUN! This means fun for you and your dog. There are a hundred ways to train a hundred different behaviors, but we want to find the way that works for you. We can tailor any training to meet your lifestyle. 

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Think your dog is too big, small, old or unruly for training? Think again! No dog is beyond the point of help, we just need to work hard to find the right motivation. 

  • Private in-home training
  • Petsitting for dogs, cats, and horses. Includes administering medications
  • Boarding, specialized training optional
  • Dog walking
  • Service dog training, including Diabetes Alert dogs
  • Puppy selection and raising
  • Behavior modification (aggression towards people or dogs, biting, separation anxiety, you name it)
  • Training dogs to coexist
    with kids and babies
  • Senior dog care
  • And so much more!
    (Trust us)

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Do you think dog training is
​boring or difficult?

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Since 2010, Dogtastic Training has been helping dogs and owners to have happier lives. By using positive, reward-based training, and teaching fair and consistent household management, owner Becky Whitt has started a dog training revolution. Whether you have one issue or many, Dogtastic Training is your one-stop doggie solution.

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Check out our blog on behavior issues, training, the best training tools, things to buy, etc. 

So many behavior problems stem from a fundamental lack of communication between dog and handler and education is the bridge between. We are teachers and educators who are trying end miscommunication so that both handler and dog can have a happier life.