Why does a dog training company have a Mission Statement? Because we're not traditional and we want people to know that.

As dog professionals, it is our responsibility to take care of your dog, not only with exercise and training, but comfort as well. Not everyone is an expert in dog body language, but we sure are!

Our goal is to enhance the pet/owner relationship by promoting training, structure, exercise, nutrition, and fun. We promise you the best service for you and your pet for their lifetime.

Mission Statement

  • Private in-home training
  • Petsitting for dogs, cats, and horses. Includes administering medications
  • Boarding, specialized training optional
  • Nutrition
  • Service dog training, including Diabetes Alert dogs
  • Puppy selection and raising
  • Behavior modification (aggression towards people or dogs, biting, separation anxiety, you name it)
  • Training dogs to coexist
    with kids and babies
  • Senior dog care
  • And so much more!
    (Trust us)

Don't see what you want listed here? Check with us first because chances are we offer what you need. Dogtastictraining@gmail.com

So do we! Check out our services 
​page to see how we can help. 

Think your dog is too big, small, old or unruly for training? Think again! No dog is beyond the point of help, we just need to work hard to find the right motivation. 

Some of Our Services

Want Less of This? 

Behavior Modification

Dog Boarding & Petsitting

diabetes alert dog training

Dog Training